Which Are the Best Tamil Comedy Movies of 2022?

Which Are the Best Tamil Comedy Movies of 2022?

People love watching comedy movies as they prove to be great stress-relievers. The Tamil film industry has produced some of the best comedy movies that have won the hearts of audiences. There are various  Tamil movies of the comedic genre that you can watch, such as Hostel, Gurkha, Akash Vani and much more.

If you like watching Tamil comedy movies, you can watch them from an OTT site where you can watch them anytime you want. Read the guide below to learn more about some of the latest Tamil comedy movies.

Best Tamil Comedy Movies of 2022

Some of the top Tamil comedy movies of 2022 are as follows:


This is one of the best comedy movies of 2022, directed by Sam Anton, and it has a unique comedy. The cast of this comedy movie includes Yogi Babu, ElyssaErhardt, Raj Bharath, Anandraj and many more. The art director is Siva Shankar, and the movie is made on a budget of 4 crores.

The movie revolves around the life of a security guard of Gurkha descent who looks to rescue a group of people who ex-army officers take hostage. After he learns of one of the captives, including the person he loves, he sets out to rescue them.


This is another of the latest Tamil movies that will put a smile on your face and is directed by Sumanth Radhakrishnan. The cast of this Tamil movie includes PriyaBhavani, Ashok Selvan, AranthangiNisha, Munishkantand many more. The story revolves around the life of Adhirshtalakshmi, who Kathir hides in his boys’ hostel. There is chaos when the spirit of a woman haunts the building.

Akash Vani

This is one of the latest Tamil web series that you can opt to watch on aha’sOTT site. The director of this show is Enoc Able, and the cast includes Kavin, Reba John, Sharath Ravi, Vinsa Sam, Livingston and many more. The story is about a divorced couple who used to be celebrated during their college days but have a sour relationship. Watch this web series to know if their relationship stays the same or improves.

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